'Data not drugs'

sustainable health & Performance with 'data not drugs'

Called a 'Wunderkind' by The New York Times, Sky was an Olympic athlete on the U.S. Cycling Team and recently broke a world record notable by his use of a 'Data not Drugs' experiment; a novel approach to personalized athletic training inspired by GQ's 'Rockstar of Science' Dr. Eric Topol using wearable sensors paired with big data analytics.

When the Lance Armstrong drug scandal resulted in the ban of the men's team from the 2012 Olympics, Sky volunteered to help the underfunded women's cycling team who had become America's hope for an Olympic cycling medal. The 'Data not Drugs' project, called OAthlete, shocked the world with medal wins; the first for the women's team in 20 years. 

The underdog story received international press including the front page of the Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph, CNN, and Wired Magazine. The story is also featured in the 2015 documentary film 'Personal Gold', described by journalist Reed Albergotti from the Wall Street Journal as 'Miracle meets Moneyball'.

Sky has been a featured speaker at health and technology conferences ranging from The New York Digital Health Conference with Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel, Verizon Healthcare & Life Science Summit, TEDx, Quantified Self, Consumer Electronics Show, and others. Sky will be speaking at select events in 2015.